The Achilles Method - Holistic Mastery of the Body and Mind

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The Achilles Method is a program that prioritizes complete physical mastery, vitalized health, and spiritual power.

Build the physique of a bodybuilder with the speed and agility of an athlete, rep 225, run a blistering 100 meter time, achieve a fast mile time, dunk a basketball, destroy every opponent in the ring, all while being the most fluid and aesthetic man in every room. 

It is deeper than simply putting on mass or looking good in a mirror, it is about the complete cultivation and alignment of a powerful body, mind, and aura and the endless pursuit of greatness.

What you should expect from this method:

  • Build a powerful physique
  • Greater athleticism: speed, vertical (34+ inch), agility, mobility, durability, immunity to injury
  • Melt fat and achieve abs year round
  • Skyrocket testosterone
  • Increase energy, vitality, and life force
  • Herculean strength gains and overcome plateaus
  • Cure all mental illness
  • Reverse or stunt hair loss, improve hair growth
  • Boost libido
  • Harness the power of your mind
  • Overcome addiction and temptation
  • Improve sleep
  • Heal gut
  • Radiant skin
  • Cultivate momentum
  • Increased confidence and mental resilience
  • Hit new PRs in record time
  • Light a fiery motivation in your heart that will never extinguish
  • Fulfill your mental and physical potential

Inside you will find:

- My Exact Hybrid Athlete Program

My carefully crafted workout routine that includes weight lifting, sprinting, and endurance training to turn you into your most powerful form

- Alternative Bodybuilding Routine

For those just looking to pump iron and put on mass

- Physique Philosophy

A decade of experience covering both the physical and mental keys required to build your greatest possible physique. Skip the confusion and mistakes 99% of lifters and athletes make when they begin training and immediately possess expert level knowledge

- Increasing Athleticism 

A step by step guide to increasing speed, vertical, agility, endurance, mobility, as well as bulletproofing the knees, ankles, tendons, and ligaments

- Diet/Nutrition + Fat loss

Everything you will ever need to know about nutrition. The exact foods to eat and avoid and the reasoning behind it & the 3 staples to staying shredded year round and melting fat with ease

- Holistic Methods of Eating 

Holistic bulking/cutting/maintenance protocol without tracking calories + day of eating and meal examples

- Testosterone Radiance 

Step by step guide to skyrocketing your testosterone to levels you never thought possible (1000+ ng/dl)

- The Path to Parabolic Energy

A guide to achieving a level of vitality that the world has not seen in the modern era

- Sleep & Recovery Protocol 

The necessary information to achieve 8 hours of deep restorative sleep every single night for maximum gains, recovery, and energy

- Gut Health

A breakdown of what is good and bad for your gut (the second brain) and how to heal gut issues

- Skin Health 

How to achieve radiant skin and cure breakouts

- Hair Health 

A guide to flowmaxxing like Achilles himself, improving hair growth and reversing or stunting hair loss

- Power and Transcendence

A guide to understanding the power you possess and transcending all limits placed upon you by yourself, others, or the world itself. My entire ethos inciting pure vitality and thumos

- Spiritual Warfare (curing mental illness)

How to bulletproof your mind and cure anxiety and depression, as well as becoming a force in the fight of good vs evil

- Revival of the Renaissance Man

Bringing back the art of greatness

- Access to me directly for any questions regarding the Achilles Method Program

My DMs are open 24/7 on twitter or instagram for any questions you may have

The everlasting journey of fulfilling your potential begins now. See you soon.

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The Achilles Method - Holistic Mastery of the Body and Mind

6 ratings
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